Panama at a political and economic crossroads

Presidential Candidates at the The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP)

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The presentation of the economic plans of the presidential campaigns yielded an amalgam of proposals, some notable and others incoherent. Some presented feasible schemes that should be considered state policies. However, it is imperative to point out that presidential campaigns refine the organization of their speeches to effectively convey to the population what their true plans are and how they intend to execute them. The political and economic panorama of Panama is already at a crossroads, such that in each meeting of this type we have to listen to more attacks and fewer weighty proposals. This includes a significant reduction in the size of the State, the generation of savings destined for investments, the attraction of investors with a concrete focus on national goals, a more rigorous government austerity exercise, and the efficient use of strategic resources such as the Canal, the railway and the Tocumen airport. These approaches not only provide a viable path to overcome the current crisis, but also reveal a crucial problem that constitutes the background of our difficulties: the urgent need to undertake a determined fight against corruption. Only with a unified vision on these issues will Panama be able to rise economically and move forward in a sustainable manner. – LA PRENSA, Feb. 29.



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