Panama an international laughing stock

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Five years have elapsed since the Lava Jato operation in Brazil began. Far from closing the case, every day that passes, new lines of investigation are opened. In Panama, judges and magistrates, on the other hand, seem very committed to the investigated, accused and suspects, because invariably, the victims are the last priority when the accused dismiss that foul smell of corrupt politicians.

While the rotten smell is repugnant to the whole country, justice administrators seem to enjoy it. The decision to close the investigation of the most emblematic case of corruption - proven and confessed - only demonstrates how far the magistrates are committed to rot, how far they are willing to go to cover, bury and silence.

Their decisions not only make the country an international laughing stock, but they leave us as provincials in matters of justice. Not content with this, the same magistrates confirmed the dismissal of all accused in the case of the Savings Bank, among which was former Vice President Pipo Virzi.

The decision of these magistrates - who in the Odebrecht case leave the period of former President Martín Torrijos (2004-09) out of the investigation - underscores with a thick line the future of corruption cases in Panama. And all this happens when the PRD, led by Laurentino Cortizo, is just one month in power. LA PRENSA, Aug 3

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I thought Panama was Chinese. China seems to own every new office building, every hardware store, every new food store, all the new restaurants in Las Tablas. Did Panama sell Las Tablas to the Chinese? Why is this happening and who is responsible for permitting this? Doesn't Panama care about its culture and its history? Whats going on Panama? I am a permanent resident and I can't work legally? But, every Chinese person who wants to come in can buy out the place and open businesses and own the entire town? Yes, Panama is becoming a laughing stock. And, those Chinese businesses you have permitted here do not add anything culturally attractive or valuable to Panama. Down with China. They are Communists. Very dangerous.

Last year

== with U.S. democrat appeasements for the dictator. == Speaking of appeasement of dictators, are you talking about Trump's love affairs with Kim Jong Un and Putin?

Last year
Heather guidi

I too am very concerned. Communist Chinese are some dangerous devils. Looks like they are being brought right in to buy into every big project. Chinese have already bought all grocery stores and food distribution is all controlled by Chinese money. Also hardware stores.

Last year
George Klk

Panama | President Laurentino Cortizo is an Enigma. Cortizo campaigned against corruption and now after [ALL THIS], one month in power, including... ---<> the same magistrates confirmed the dismissal of all accused in the case of the Savings Bank, among which was former Vice President Pipo Virzi.---<> Without justice and without common sense of the obvious henchmen at work in the National Assembly, there is no chance for Panama! Just a revolution before the Panamanians run to supermarkets to bare shelves tp buy only...toilet paper and flour. Just starvation of kids and some dictator stating..."Hunger is their problem". What you will have is the elite dictator of Panama enjoying the fruits with China and a bunch of starving pitiful trouble makers attempting to fight in the wild jungle an uncivilized animal warfare. The United States will have to round up 50 to 100 allies and that would take years with U.S. democrat appeasements for the dictator. Panama, it appears you are fighting a lost cause because what happened to Cuba...Nicaragua...Venezuela will now happen to Panama! Mexico, even Mexico supports Venezuela's dictator Maduro. Yes, Maduro was right..."Hunger is their business".

Last year
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