OPINION: Wiretap trial needs TV coverage

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 The judges of the court in the wiretapping case agreed to various security measures in order to protect the identity of a witness, since, of course, what he is revealing does not make the accused - Ricardo Martinelli -at all happy. So the court prohibited those present from divulging not only his name but also what he declared at the trial. But as soon as it was prohibited, the accused has gone out to do his thing on social networks, expressing with his attitude the deep contempt he feels for the court and its members. That is why, once the confidential files have been read with the information of the victims, it is necessary for society to be able to witness this trial and not just the attendees. As they did in 2018, live transmission of what is happening in court is required, so that everyone can hear what is going on inside. Hopefully, the court orders that, for transparency, the trial can be followed from anywhere in the country and not through the versions of the interested parties, as is the case of what the accused and his technical defense writes. – LA PRENSA, Sep. 25.

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Panama: Behold your former Panama President Martinelli! Fighting witnesses with his lawyers and lawsuits... always threatening. Why? Ego? Control freak? Delusions? Retaliation? The Loco... wants more money! The Loco... wants to be president of Panama, again. The Loco become president again... there is hell to pay... Oh, yes! What would re-elect Panama president Martinelli, do? Do you really want to know?! Re-elected Panama president Martinelli walks into ten banks and says the... Boss! $10's of millions and no one, I mean no one dares to stop him! Martinelli releases thousands of gang members and drug lords! Martinelli gives out the call... street bloodshed. Police brutalities against his perceived... enemies! Martinelli would meet with all his loyals from the Panama National Assembly. They go out together and see a bunch of... Camels in the Middle East with pictures next to them. Good news! Plenty of hams and affordable milk for Panamanians. The worst is yet to come... Martinelli revenge on the U.S. to get his sons back! Panama would suffer some serious U.S. sanctions to weaken Martinelli's army of thugs. More gun fire and night time aerial 500-pound bombs with blazing street fire. Martinelli is apprehended for his Noriega style warfare with the U.S. Martinelli is tried in an international court, sentenced and dies in prison. Martinelli suffer cancer of the brain, heart and liver from too much alcohol. A new government with a reformed Panama Constitution takes place. You know what? It's about time? Is that asking for too much? Panama president Cortizo Cohen... counting his executive allowance, as always!

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