OPINION: Wiretap ruling- cancer of impunity

Martinelli adopted some of the favorite words of President Trump and told reporters the trial was a “hoax” and blamed former President Juan Carlos Varela - who was his vice president in the 2009-2014 period

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Upon hearing the dishonorable ruling, a mob in the vicinity of Plaza Ágora cornered prosecutors, journalists and wiretap victims. This happened at the time that the powerful knight went on his triumphant journey, showing us what he is capable of doing. Decent Panama must stand up and raise its voice to change this reality and face international discredit at what happened yesterday. Now fear and silence will try to take over the efforts of all those who at one time denounced or considered denouncing corruption. This has been achieved by a justice system that, in an exercise of rejection of decency and common sense, made the decision that yesterday communicated to the country. Citizens must demand that the Judiciary be held accountable for this and other recent decisions that accentuate the cancer of impunity that ruthlessly eats our society. We cannot allow victims to be defenseless. Now we Panamanians have the task of re-founding the country, understanding that no one can be above the law and that justice with price, even if it comes within the finest briefcases, is an eternal curse. -LA PRENSA Aug.10

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Did the illegal wiretapping occur or not? If it occurred, then were those responsible just a couple of Martinelli subordinates who have been sent to prison for it?

Last year
Barro Blanco

Convicting Ricardo Martinelli would had been a tragic judicial error since the investigation of his accusations was biased and promoted by news media controlled by his political enemies mainly La Prensa and TVN…After almost a year of judicial proceedings not a single witness accused the expresident of ordering wiretapping anyone…

Last year

This editorial gives no rationale for the complete accusation of incorrect legal ruling by the courts. One would expect that a case would be presented by the editorial writers instead of a categorical statement of wrongdoing by the justice system. Those of us readers would like to know why this ruling is so wrong.

Last year
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