OPINION: Vulgarity scandals and tainted innocence

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Since Ricardo Martinelli was elected president in 2009, the country has not had peace. His government - since always - was a mixture of vulgarity and scandals that still resound, because, far from fixing its judicial problems due to the criminal accusations to which he is subject, he has put all kinds of obstacles, challenges, resources, and everything. that he has been able to get his hands on it to produce an outcome that - according to him - would proclaim his tainted innocence. Every day we have a scandal with this man, who is accompanied by people of the same ilk, and who has to be put up with for his public and even private shows. Along with him, there are dozens of former officials who do their thing in the courts without much fuss or theater, without their usual fuss and verbiage. In his world, the blame is not his, but of others, because in his sick mind, the whole world conspires against him, his children, and his family. Every enemy - imaginary or not - is guilty of his bad, terrible and unspeakable decisions, when he only has to look in the mirror to look directly at the person responsible for his actions. It is time to stop being brave with only your feet.- LA PRENSA, Oct 18.

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