OPINION: Transferring the problems

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Last Friday the dialogue was summarized in Penonomé and it is now the turn of the Social Security Fund (CSS). It began with a kind of dogma: not to privatize the institution or increase the quotas or the retirement age. Although the alternatives on the table are helpful – to the extent that there is the will to enforce them – they are far from a definitive solution.

And if the proposals go through more subsidies, nothing will have been fixed. The lack of credibility of this administration and the culture of “what's in it for me” have created a serious problem for the Government, because it lacks the strength to negotiate and, consequently, it virtually receives orders at the table.

With what morality can you ask for sacrifices from the insured when the politicians – before and now – have not made a single one? That is why the government counterpart began the dialogue with dogmas, because the sacrifices are always made by others – that is, all of us – but never by politicians.

And those who believe that with subsidies the problems of the CSS are fixed, should not forget that these come from our pockets. That is to say, the subsidy may solve pensions, but perhaps at the cost of fewer doctors, nurses, technicians and supplies. In other words, only the problems will be transferred.- LA PRENSA, Aug. 7.