OPINION:  The Corrupt Seek Impunity

The modular hospital

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THE REVELATIONS about the tender for the modular hospital oblige the Minister of Public Works to explain in detail all the elements of the contracting process and the construction of that work. The expressions of the executive director of the Turkish company involved by one of the bidders indicate the possible commission of serious crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio.

The time for word games and press conferences is over with no opportunity for questioning questions. Panama needs to know the truth and to clarify everything about this project that has caused so much controversy and is not yet in use. The new circle zero has to understand that they must end their agendas of manipulation and misrepresentation, which defame and harass social communicators.

Enough of the veiled intimidation against those who fight day by day for freedom of expression and information. We all know that what the corrupt seek is impunity, nullifying the action of justice and the silence of the critics, intimidating and insulting journalists and civil society. The government of President Cortizo must choose which side and with whom it wants to be. Silence is not an answer. Sooner or later, the truth will be known.- LA PRENSA, June 2.

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Snake Pliskin

@Pedro. My wife lives in the US as a foreigner and she had a little culture shock at first but you learn to adapt with your new culture. I had to adapt when I lived in Panama also. Was not real easy for me either. I could rant about that for a long time. Foreigners have usually been treated very well in the US unless they are a total piece of trash. When I came to Panama, I had to make exceptions that I did not like, but that is how it is when you move to a different country. I just accepted it like a man and moved on. Obviously, Pedro, you did not live in the US long enough to know what is going on here. Your English is very poor and I dont think you are able to comprehend the truth. I have seen the threats you have made in this comment section and if you brought that mentality to the US, then of course, you will not be treated well here. Regardless, Trump had/has nothing to do with that and you know nothing of what you are talking about. By the way, Panama has had check points for a long time before this virus hoax started. There are 2 going to Darien and 1 when you enter Chiriqui and a few temporary ones in between. Stop reading/believing the fake news and you will wise up Pedro. Also, take some English lessons so you can keep up.

1 month ago

Snake please stop speaking about things you have no idea. Live in the US as a foreign guy and you'll see how catastrophic Trump governs. Cortizo is doing the same he is corrupt is overreacting building this modular hospital ( 8 mill) by a lot of cowardise. These are no leaders both with disappear traceless from the stage and both will end in jail. Mandantory masks for all people is by the way against all international rules. There is no right to stop every five meters cars to control temperatures and ask stupid questions. All this is coming up now to the table here in Panama and Russias connections to Trump will be the nails in his coffin. Justice is inevitable. Cortizo your retirement is definitely destroyed. Stop destroy Panama. Viva Panama.

Last month
Snake Pliskin

Thats the thing I love about Trump. He tries to keep Americans doing American jobs instead of contracting it out to foreign countries. Cortizo should do the same. That was the thing that made me furious when I lived there, was when Martinelli gave a contract to Germany to mine for minerals in Cocle. They destroyed the rivers. Somebody got rich but it was not the Panamanians.

Last month
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