OPINION: Supreme Court  dancing to the music

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The Supreme Court seems to dance to the tune that is played. Recently, it admitted the demand of a local businessman included years before in the Clinton List. Claims more than $1,268 million in compensation from the National Bank of Panama (BNP) for alleged damages and damages, after the state entity acted as trustee in an operation to remove from the Clinton List the assets that, otherwise, would have had an uncertain future, in addition to serious losses for employees and creditor banks. The curious thing is that it was Waked himself, advised by an American lawyer specializing in OFAC issues, who requested to use the figure of the trust, but now he is claiming damages for what he, precisely, asked to do. It is striking that this is the second lawsuit against the BNP, since the first, in very similar terms, but in relation to another trust, was not admitted. Needless to say, the suspicions raised by the turn in the Court's decisions, puts the BNP in serious trouble, since eventually, it will have to make accounting reserves that will affect its performance, as well as its risk rating. And it is more difficult to rule out a quid pro quo in the admission of this lawsuit. – LA PRENSA, May 6.

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