OPINION: Rewards for mediocrity

951Views 0Comments Posted 27/11/2022


Everything seems to go backward in this country. The authorities have ordered new promotions in all their security units, and with it, automatic salary increases. Almost 17% of the growing payroll of the Ministry of Security will receive these increases, without anyone wondering how they will be paid. The State is not exactly in a position to pay for more emoluments when collections are so low and public spending is exorbitant, but the officials who make these decisions —that is, the high-ranking ones— do not have the moral to suspend them either, since for they would have to set an example to do so, and such a thing is as remote as believing that the campaign promises of a corrupt politician will ever come true. The State has become a refuge for mediocrity, with the aggravating factor that more and more people have to pay for incompetent officials. Precisely, these increases are announced when the country is witnessing growing insecurity and the certainty of punishment has disappeared. How is it possible to reward those responsible for the fact that we can no longer live peacefully, without fear of assault or murder, with more money? This does not seem like an award for merit, but for mediocrity. LA PRENSA, Nov. 27.

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