OPINION: Recovering Panama’s battered democracy

1,109Views 0Comments Posted 27/07/2022


The protests that began due to the high cost of the basic food basket and fuel have had a response from the Government that, to a large extent, meets the demands of disgruntled groups throughout the country. It would be appropriate, in a gesture of good faith, to give in to the closure of streets and highways, in order not to continue harming a people that, although they have supported these just demands, are already showing clear signs of fatigue and impatience, since it has been weeks they have been suffering from the closures. At least that part is fulfilled, so it is necessary to allow free movement throughout the country. However, it is obvious that much remains to be done because this situation must be used to analyze and solve the serious problems suffered by the institutions of our democracy, which is at its weakest point. That is reason enough to maintain this dialogue: promote new policies and laws that allow us to recover our battered democracy. And, as the president said, the table should be expanded to other sectors, including private companies and the productive sectors of the country. They are also Panamanians and they need to be heard and they also have something to say, just like those who are now participating in the single table – LA PRENSA, Jul. 27.