OPINION: Profit outweighs environment

ETESA power lines

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The regulatory authorities of the energy sector do not seem to understand that climate change exists and that it is caused to a large extent by the fossil fuels used by the human being. The apparent electric oversupply that Panama would have, due to the construction of multiple natural gas plants, was turned into a mirage. The projects were delayed and the Energy Secretariat suggests that Etesa buy short-term supplies from fossil fuels, supposedly because solar and wind cannot give firm energy. Even if this statement were totally true, the State could combine a lower proportion of thermal energy with sustainable sources, with a view to offsetting the polluting plants on our horizon. Conversely, everything indicates that what is desired is to extend life to highly polluting thermal plants. Do we really need more signs of nature, that things are going badly on the planet? Perhaps what happens is that some "experts" have in fact evident conflicts of interest with operators of the system, to whom they must guarantee juicy profits. - LA PRENSA, Apl. 23



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Virgil E Eaves Jr

The amount of energy expended in building, transporting and maintaining wind generators is never recovered by the time their relatively short useful lives end in their fiery, polluting self destruction. The damage they do to the environment is horrible. Solar is even worse. Until these technologies can be made less polluting and more efficient they need to kept far away from the environment, safely tucked away in library books about novel ideas.

3 months ago

How much more obvious does it have to get that renewable energy is cleaner, safer, cheaper and employs more people?

3 months ago
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