OPINION- Politicians outweigh society

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The Panama Canal Authority has authorized an extension of the permit for the compatibility of the activities of the projected electricity generation plant, based on natural gas, of the Panama NG Power company.

This was achieved thanks to a request from the Administrative Unit of Reverted Assets of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). The threads of political power are moving to realize a project that has been questioned from all angles, and with important pending legal processes, the results of which should have been awaited before proceeding with these clearly suspicious requests. But since it is a prominent supporter, things are starting to move in its favor, regardless of the irregularities of this project. The ruling party card outweighs the interests of the state. Typical of the PRD, an example followed by the rest of the political parties, whose colors they depose when they are joined by the green color of a project that they can take advantage of. This movement of the MEF reveals - without a doubt - the course of the legal process, and this has set the engines of the company in motion. Once again we will witness how the interests of politicians weigh much more than those of Panamanian society. Nothing and nobody changes- LA PRENSA, Sep.28

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George Klk

Panama | National Assembly Controls General Comptroller and the...Big Bucks. Big Bucks financial empire...well, technically no, but here's how! 1. National Assembly will provide...FREE HAMS...during election campaigns. 2. N.A. will twist the elbows of the newly elected novices...newbies. 3. N.A. will restrict and eliminate those that do not conform to their... MILLIONAIRE'S CLUB INITIATION PACT. 4. N.A. will remain in contact with Brazil's Odebrecht for their readily available... campaign funds through...$ multi -billion $ cost overrun contracts and construction disposal. 5. N.A. will take care of any illegal election campaign / contract with state funds... using new self - enrichment legislation. 6. N.A. will under the pretext publicly announce their minimal Panama society contributions... URBAN GARDEN DEVELOPMENT...PLANTATION..PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR! 7. N.A. found the state funds increase...COOKIE JAR / $265 million...windfall court decision in favour of the Panama Canal Authority winning a refund...New Expanded Canal. 8. N.A. $265 million does not specify the actual... URBAN DEVELOPMENT COSTS AND THE DISBURSEMENT OF THE REST OF... PANAMA CANAL STATE FUNDS...N.A. COFFERS! 9. N.A. Assembly has...ALL...state fund monies from every segment of... Panama's society under their control... welfare electoral campaign generosities, free hams, construction projects for... publicity campaign electoral candidates, vacations, free accommodations... new vehicles, and... 10. Personal interest : Gambling, race track betting, beach houses... executive privileges for $14 million Pegasus Spy equipment without the consent of the National Assembly or any Panama making decision body, and more... 11. state program cuts justified with state Executive impunity approaching... 12. whole family member... hires with lucrative state funds within the...NATIONAL ASSEMBLY...A MAFIA PACT!!! 13. Catastrophic state fund pilfered calamities blamed on the current crises of the... Coronavirus pandemic makes way for new opportunistic theft of state funds...unstoppable. Panama business corporations and companies, business investments damaged by the... $ BILLIONS $ FOR DECADES IN PAYMENTS OF DEBTS THROUGH BONDS AT NON - ENDING...NON - STOP...PRIVILEGE...GOVERNMENT...LAX INDIFFERENCE... (executive awaiting their...BALLOON PAYMENT / $ MILLIONS $ / FREE - MONTHLY SPENDING... PANAMA TAX PAYER'S STATE FUND ALLOWANCES. Former Panama president Varela enjoy the... family's alcoholic beverage business with his...wine and dine visit in...CHINA... WHILE WITHHOLDING A $600 MILLION RENOVATION PANAMA COLON PROJECT AS... FARMERS DEMANDED THEIR PAY UNABLE TO SELL THEIR MILK AND PRODUCE. Varela was busy with an apparent... FREE...$50 MILLION CHINESE RESTAURANT AS... part of an incentive package with a... FOURTH CANAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT! What was Varela's...cut? China is very well known for it aggressive control of their 1.4 billion population with high tech surveillance camera, chips and...ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!!! China is very well known for their aggressive appeasement maneuvers with trade and yet... Varela goes it alone, with little experience with only an inexperienced engineering degree to... do battle with a rogue state...China!

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