OPINION: Panamas tolerance of corruption

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The numbers are quite eloquent. The government spends too much on its operation, the biggest part destined to pay payroll. Given this panorama, it is clear that policies should be directed to making public spending efficient and that happens through a reduction of the state format, which includes, for example, the tens of millions of dollars spent by the Legislature on fictitious work contracts and in money for the payroll of the deputies. It also includes subsidies, an item that grows with each government, because it sees in them a tool for their supporter’s care.

Politicians view the State as an inexhaustible source of money that in many cases ends up in their pockets or in those of their accomplices guarded by impunity.

This causes serious consequences for citizens with projects that are not done, Corrupt officials, do everything possible to weaken and hinder the reach of the law and its executors. But the worst consequence is that it creates tolerance for corruption in a society that forgets that their taxes are the ones that feed this despicable behavior.

Thus, society ends up behaving like a lamb, at the mercy of the greed of those who must answer for its use … LA PRENSA, hoyporhoy Apl. 2.

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George KlK

PANAMA | TOLERANCE OF CORRUPTION AND OUTCOME. BIG PICTURE: Meaning of a larger paid deputy / legislation. Large legislation creates seats for a foreign invasion in due time. Foreign invasion comprising of political conflicts of interests. Comprising of constitution / sharia laws and eventual U.S. invasion for order. U.S. invasion for order resulting in Panamanians in cross hair of fire. U.S. invasion for order obtains democratic / depucratic political objectives. Panama: Financially, economically, legally, politically weakened. Panama: Slave to its corrupt debt burden. Panama: Chaos with clandestine foreign mass public attacks. Panama current administration does not take the necessary precaution.

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Do you really think Panamanians are "tolerant" of corruption? If so, God help us! I think it is more a matter of not-tolerant but helpless in the sense that any move to change the status quo results in being shot down or ignored. The Civil Society may be the only hope!

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