OPINION: Panama has little reason to celebrate

1,071Views 0Comments Posted 04/11/2022


Although the homeland is celebrated, there is little reason to do so. If there is enthusiasm, it is from the youth, who in a few years will have to face the difficult reality of finding a decent job in a country immersed in a growing spiral of corruption, and in which spaces for honest and hardworking people. The rottenness of politics spills over into society, which is beginning to adopt the questionable conduct of politicians and governments that only seek power to seize resources and national heritage and impunity to do so at will and without punishment. Panama needs to rescue itself, repudiate corruption as a value; he needs to rediscover the patriot that we all carry inside; leave behind cynicism and condemn – at the polls – mafia politicians and kleptomaniacs. Anarchy begins to take over our institutions and the most palpable example is the Assembly, whose deputies know no limits to their insatiable greed; who make laws to their measure, deliberately ignoring their duties. Meanwhile, the Executive is a ship without a course, without a rudder, without a captain and whose crew, mutinous as it is, only knows how to fill their pockets. Is this the homeland we want to celebrate? – LA PRENSA, Nov. 4.


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