OPINION: Panama condemned to impunity

The Supreme Court

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A year ago, the Government of the United States gave extradition to Panama, to the ex-citizen of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli. With the accusatory criminal system, it was supposed that the Panamanian justice could effectively ventilate the case  of the wiretaps. A year of delays, delaying tactics and the forced change of the Supreme Court's jurisdiction to an ordinary court have demonstrated the ability of the accused and his expensive army of lawyers to influence. The expense has not only been  to the former president, but also the State, which has invested public funds and thousands of hours of prosecutors, magistrates and other officials to carry out this trial. This is an example of why the Panamanian justice system is a source of frustration and bitter dissatisfaction, that make them pay all citizens a high price. Whatever the final outcome of the wiretappunctures case, it is urgent to focus on rebuilding justice. It is intolerable that Panama is condemned to impunity and legal uncertainty, the result of courts and judges trapped in a tangle of great interests.-LA PRENSA.June 11


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George Klk

Panama | Justice and Constitutional Reforms Lays Foundation Former president Ricardo Martinelli and ex-citizen of the Republic brought to bear... 1. The Den of Thieves...Parlacen 2. Spy wiretap...Pegasus 3. National Assembly embezzlement of public funds. 4. N.A. deputies use of money from out-of-control contracts. 5. N.A. deputies botellas and family hirings. 6. N.A. deputies re-election use of public funds. 7. N.A. president: Yanibel Abrego block of General Comptroller audit. 8. Panama Supreme Court Justice appointments by Martinelli...henchmen / corruption. 9. Martinelli fled Panama to release spy tap information to inaugurated U.S. president to overhaul government and keep his new found wealth. 10. Martinelli attempt for immunity through political election. Panama has many more issues to resolve but made great strides in the process. Panama new president elect and new cabinet with independent deputies will serve Panama to fight corruption and end the madness on the international stage.

2 years ago
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