OPINION: Nothing wrong What’s to hide?

Modular Hospital,Panama

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The challenge presented to Latin American countries by the Covid-19 pandemic fueled some of the worst instincts of governments in the region. The Organization of American States has made a direct call to the Latin American authorities to promote transparency and access to information. Unfortunately, in our America there are too many examples of officials and politicians denounced and investigated for corrupt actions in times of the pandemic. In the list we have ministers, and dozens of mayors and governors in different countries. The list lengthens with the claims of hapless peoples who are still waiting for a food bag or a relief voucher. There are protests that are not appeased because marginalized communities insist on asking for some type of financial assistance. This brings us to Panama: here the health part of the government response has been almost flawless; However, the opacity of the purchase of the modular hospital and other contracts begins to end the patience of public opinion. The logical conclusion is that if nothing wrong has been done, there is no reason to hide the information- LA PRENSA, May  23


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I agree, Captain. Your posts consistently make sense.

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There was always going to be a problem where you had direct purchasing without going through normal procedures. Understood why it might be necessary in these circumstances but the President should have been alive to this problem if only to the perception and not the reality. Safeguards should have been put in place to avoid this.

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