OPINION: Lawmaker hypocrisy and hate speech

Zulay Rodriguez accused of homophobia and xenophobia doring Assembly rant

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What stark hypocrisy reigns in the National Assembly. While a group of deputies –among them, Kayra Harding and Zulay Rodríguez– promote a bill to prevent, punish and eradicate political violence against women, decent citizens continue to be victims of virulent attacks on their honor by one of their members. proponents. Our Constitution seeks equality for all, but the deputies have transformed it - thanks to its convenient interpretation - in the middle of becoming an untouchable caste, creating privileges over the victims of its offenses. Hate speech - disqualification, xenophobia, homophobia, calumnies, and insults - has found an echo in the Assembly, in which the most shameful examples of intolerance and radicalization are housed. Do you think it is possible to reconcile the destruction of an adversary's reputation with impunity for the purposes of a bill that seeks to eradicate political violence against women? Hate speech only generates more hatred. Is it what you are looking for? And in that abominable speech they are all involved, because in a place made to discuss ideas, silence grants the slanderer the reason LA PRENSA, Oct.21

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Hypocrisy abounds everywhere, problem is: hypocrites do not recognize it in their own actions.

27 days ago

Panamá wisely allows civil action for defamation. Telling lies about someone here can be expensive. Freedom of speech is like the freedom to swing your arms: That freedom stops when your fist connects with someone's nose. Likewise, slandering reputations with falsehoods also carries consequences for the slanderer.

1 month ago
General Butler

Don't stumble down the same self-destructive path as the United States, Panama. What is hate speech? One man's hate speech is another man's righteous indignation. Whatever happened to the adage 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names shall never hurt me'? What a pathetic passel of pusillanimous pinheads this world has become. Man up and let people speak their mind. Classifying someone's interpretation of 'hate speech' as a crime is a slippery slope that descends into a pit of Orwellian tyranny.

1 month ago
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