OPINION: Education of the subjugated

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When the Government appoints an official or when the people elect him, especially in hierarchical positions, we all expect his management to be that of a "good family man." The school year has already been a quarter, but in most public schools the students have not received their school textbooks, so we wonder what they study; what they learn; what kind of education they receive. If the minister cannot give them these texts, we must also ask ourselves if she behaves like a good mother of a family. The answer is obvious: obviously it is not like that, and the consequences are paid by young people who already receive an education that is one of the worst in the world. Hierarchy officials care little about educating our young people well. And that has a perverse reason: a population without practical academic levels constitutes an ignorant mass, incapable of distinguishing corruption from negligence; to create criteria based on principles and not on blind and selfish convenience. They are easy prey to corruption, lackeys of those who stole their future in exchange for the crumbs offered by subsidies and conditional gifts. It is the education of the subjugated. -  LA PRENSA, May, 29.