OPINION: Early vaccination, citizen responsibility

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Hoyporhoy, La Prensa, Apr 22
TODAY begins the XV Vaccination Week of the Americas, in order to seek the reduction of diseases in terms of access to health.
Vaccines, along with personal hygiene, are the best mechanisms for disease prevention, which in some cases can Be lethal or leave bad lifetime sequels.
In Panama we have the opportunity Of receiving up to 23 different vaccines, some of which are not available in other
The procedure is free and widely accessible to the entire population, which gives a citizen an obligation to avoid, not only the personal contagion of these diseases, but loved ones, relatives, companions in study and at work, and the citizenship, in general, being exposed To these evils because of our own irresponsibility.
Starting Now, health centers, polyclinics, and even mobile teams will be offering vaccination to all.
This is just the beginning of the annual vaccination program, but the time to take advantage of it is now when there is no crisis or long lines.
Getting the vaccine on time is a sign of good conscience and citizen responsibility.

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It not only protects the patient but the healthcare worker. Not taking precautions is foolhardy.

2 years ago

I notice in the picture that the health care workers are not wearing gloves! Just another way that problems are passed along to the general population. I even had to insist at Raly Lab. that the personnel taking my blood wear gloves.

2 years ago
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