OPINION: Deaths that might been avoided

Wedding party social distancing

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We begin the fourth week of response measures to COVID-19 in our country. The vast majority of citizens and foreigners residing in our land have strictly followed the measures implemented to reduce dangerous contagion.

However, from the weddings in Paitilla to the pools in Patio Pinel there is a culture of irreverence and disrespect for such delicate rules. We will never know the number of patients or deaths that would have been avoided if the population had fully complied with the sanitary restrictions from the beginning. Everyone's health depends on each fellow citizen, each neighbor, each stranger and each acquaintance. Today more than ever, comply with sanitary rules and regulations, curfews, total quarantine and controlled exit with the ID number only when necessary, they are actions of civic value and love for the homeland. The lives lost by the COVID-19 cannot be in vain. Stay at home.- LA PRENSA, Apl. 7


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Flat rabbit

Gordo, come to Queens and tell that to the nurses.

1 month ago

The evil doers are starting to cover their butts and now saying the death toll won't be nearly as predicted. They can't pad the death count anymore. Hospitals are mostly empty. There is no emergency. It's just a virus with similar danger as the seasonal flu. We have all been conned.

1 month ago

Now that we are coming out of this you are going to see the police state lovers double down on the pressure to keep the people in fear. They are sad that this will not go on for as long as they hoped it would and their bitterness will surface for all of us to witness.

1 month ago
Oh ya

Well panama needs to hire some judges with some balls .the fines for being caught should stat at least at $1000 or more .not this $100 some judge gave some surfers last week

1 month ago
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