OPINION: Central America, Taiwan, Trump?

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OPINION: Central America, Taiwan, Trump?

THE ATTENDANCE of the president of the rebellious Chinese island at the inauguration of President Ortega and visits to the countries of northern Central America could have profound geopolitical significance, says a CentralAmericaData editorial.

It is not only the importance of Taiwan for Central Americans in terms of trade and financial assistance to governments in the area. The visit of President Tsai Ing-wen could be related to the turmoil of the global political status quo that will surely arise with the new US government

An analysis piece by Esteban Solis R. in his article on Elnuevodiario.com.ni points with certainty to some of the implications of the presence in the region of the President of Taiwan, among which is the support of President Ortega to strengthening relations with the country and Central America in the rebel island.

The background to the situation is the excellent US-Nicaragua relationship beyond well-resolved small skirmishes, showing the pragmatism of the last Ortega administration.

When Trump shows a clear inclination to ally himself  with Russia and provokes China both commercially and politically by contacting the president of Taiwan by telephone, the presence of this president in Central America forces us to think beyond formal declarations, which this time have been backed by Taiwanese trade missions in search of Central American products, especially coffee.

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GI Joe

"...rebellious Chinese island..." "...the rebel island." Huh? Taiwan is a representative republic. China is Communist. The Taiwanese were in power in China until the Communists defeated them in a civil war in the late 1940's. Hardly "rebels".

2 years ago

Taiwan phoned Trump . More fake news

2 years ago
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