OPINION: Caregivers under attack

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in the midst of the public health situation in the country, there are compatriots who see the presence of technical personnel outside the health facilities as a threat to their lives. Thus, nurses and other public health agents - who face the threat of contagion for caring for the general public at the risk of their own lives - have to suffer situations of discrimination in places, such as buses, the subway or in a store, by other Panamanians who believe that because these officials wear their work uniforms they are sources of spread of the virus. It is not only inhumane to discriminate against them, but it reflects an unforgivable ignorance, given the abundant information that exists on how to prevent the spread of the disease, and which is at hand. Such behaviors deserve our strongest rejection, as these personnel are the first line of battle for patients infected with or suspected of carrying the virus. They are personnel  who risk their own lives e to save theirs neighbor's, even those who discriminate against them. What we live requires everyone's effort and discrimination only divides us. So the question is: what is happening to us? LA PRENSA  Mar. 17.


It is inconceivable that,

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