OPINION: An Explosion Waiting to Happen

758Views 15Comments Posted 19/07/2021

The recent statement from the Chamber of Commerce describes in a few words a reality that has the country prostrate due to growing unemployment, increased citizen insecurity, and a non-existent economic reactivation plan, to which are added the restrictions ordered by the Ministry of Health in terms of mobility, which includes travelers who enter the country, with mandatory quarantines, in open violation of their rights, despite the fact that circumstances have changed for the better with the vaccination campaign. Meanwhile, the Government lives in a bubble in which no one contains spending; in which there is no unemployment or restrictions on working hours; Nobody looks around the rest of the country and they put us in debt as if our economy spilled money from so much it produces. What a great burden it is to carry inept officials on our shoulders, who use power to continue tearing the country apart if in doing so they maintain their status quo, their pockets full and their followers happy. Due to your blindness, we remind you that if there is no social explosion now, it does not mean that citizen anger is not accumulating. And when it explodes, and you want to know who the culprit is, look in the mirror. There they will finish their inquiries. -  LA PRENSA. Jul. 19.