OPINION: A tele-soap opera and dark players

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Odebrecht, the protagonist of the most famous corruption tele-soap opera in Latin America, has agreed to meet with its creditors on March 18. This is a new attempt to put the house in order, of a construction company that has been eaten away by corruption scandals, judicial dramas and family conflicts of those who gave it its name and surname.

Although it is not clear what the company's strategy will be with its creditors and financiers, the obvious reasoning leads to consider that the company needs more contracts to survive. While the Panamanian investigative authorities have given a new air to the judicial case, it remains unclear how the State will guarantee the fulfillment of the works committed and the recovery of badly used monies. 

Panama must be alert with respect to these negotiations because what is decided there will affect us directly. It is unforgivable that public officials continue to allow this company to hire in our country, especially if it maintains fundamental information about its coimas (bribes) and the dark-hearted ones. – LA PRENSA, Feb 26

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George Klk

Panama | La Prensa: Local governments: secret privileges Local governments have used elite privileges in the form of...mobilization expense. Mobilization expenses among Panama's mayors at $3,000 to $5,000 (grand) a shot! Mobilization expenses none of which were transparent in...ALL...of Panama. Mobilization expense another typical hidden underground operation for self-enrichment. Mobilization expense is a form of guarantee to assure 100% participation for major reforms actualized by elite meetings for a government on the verge of a supreme dictator's rule. Elite meetings can take place in exotic hideaway places for complete non-transparency. Mobilization expenses assures full participation...[or]...non-participants are out of the...game! Mobilization expenses must be foremost eradicated to cutoff mobile gatherings of the elite for their underground network agenda operations in the many forms including a powerful...UNITY!

7 months ago
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