OPINION - A shameful outrage

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Yesterday, after hours and hours of speculation about the resignation of the hitherto director of the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and the Family (Senniaf), the shameful outcome was known. On February 25, the director resigned from her position, but her letter was not received. Instead, a week later, the Government presented her with another note, drawn up by who knows who in the Presidency of the Republic, and which she wanted the official to sign without question. So there were two resignation letters: one written by the victim and the other spurious. But the author of the brilliant idea did not count on the director being able to report the outrage, as she did yesterday. And the reason for leaving office lies in the shameful fact that this institution is starved of support, equipment and infrastructure, necessary to deal with the serious problems afflicting the shelters. It is a reality that the Presidency wanted to hide. Now we realize (just in case there was the benefit of the doubt ...) that the Government, with this clumsy action, is acting as an accomplice to the scandal. They have handled everything related to this case so badly that it has exploded in their faces and they have not realized it.- LA PRENSA, Mar 5

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There is no shame here. I just finished my morning run on the beach. Lots of peoole here already drinking and loud music. Saw at least 4 preggo teens in bikinis who will son be pumping out more mud babies into this already impoversished society. I've heard Panama described as low brow but doesn't even begin to cover it.

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