OFF THE CUFF: ICE looks away. Martinelli son plays cool,

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With an Interpol red alert hanging over his head while he is out on a million dollar bail, Alberto Rica Martinelli Linares the eldest son of former president Ricardo Martinelli has flitted f the scene in Miami, Florida, he was provisionally apprehended, in last November, for being illegally in the USA. 

He appears in several photographs that public relations agent Lorenzo Martone based in New York, published o his Instagram account.  In some of the photographs, Martinelli, Martone and other friends appear in the Waterbar restaurant in San Francisco, California. 

The name of Ricardo Martinelli Linares appears as a resident in a luxury apartment complex in Fremont Street, San Francisco, according to a report commissioned by Transparency International, based on data available in US public records reports La Prensa

The US Department of Homeland Security , through its  Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE),  known for its swift action in deporting illegal residents from less well-heeled backgrounds reported on November 20 that although Rica and his brother  Luis Enrique entered the country legally, "their visas they were revoked in 2017 and since then they have been illegally in the United States. " That day, the two Martinelli Linares brothers were arrested and sent to the Krome Detention Center in Miami.A judge granted them each $1 million bail and on December 7, they left their cells in  Krome for the family luxury mansion in Coral Gables, Miami.

Both were due for a hearing in the Miami Immigration Court on January 22, but it was suspended due to the US government shutdown. 

Panama’s Foreign Ministry formally requested their extradition - through a red alert from Interpol - to face multiple appear in different judicial processes including money laundering. Their father remains in El Renacer prison, awaiting trial for alleged illegal wiretapping. He and his lawyers have made five failed attempts at getting bail.


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