Money Laundering thrives in Panama justice

Supreme Court

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Panama advances plans to try to get off the lists of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Yesterday, representatives of the three State bodies and the Attorney General's Office met to develop a strategy for that purpose. According to the Presidency of the Republic, the issue was addressed as part of the State agenda, based on a frontal fight against corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, transparency, strengthening of institutions and effective respect for the laws.

 But these issues go through the Judicial Branch, which seems pleased that the country remains on those lists. It is thanks to their actions - or lack thereof - that the country is stained by its incompetence; for the corruption that reigns in the judicial system at all levels; for the impunity it promotes by preventing the corrupt from paying for their actions; because money laundering is a thriving business; because it  is responsible for officials disrespecting, violating and caring very little with the Transparency Law and how much law exists if those involved are his friends, politicians. And about institutionality, they can't even talk about it when the judicial career is a dead letter in that state body. We are on those lists because here there is simply no justice.   - LA PRENSA, August 22

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George Klk

Panama |National Assembly and Justice Impediments to Addressing the Grey List. Hurts all Panamanians and leads to more corruptions. If the intent is to get more for their pockets by various corrupt tactics... it would make better sense to at least improve Panama credit rating to a higher grade investment. The difficulty lies in the maneuvering of loopholes to get back at corruption to get at the bigger loot but this time with a more wide spread defrauding of investors. If this happens to the United States there is and will be consequences of possible sanctions. Maybe the National Assembly and Justice Magistrates know this all too well! If the N.A. and Magistrates could get ahold of 10 times the $millions they could hit the jackpot. Let Panama fend for themselves...(criminal logic).

2 years ago
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