Mayors seek to restore privileges behind closed doors

1,074Views 0Comments Posted 24/09/2022


The pressure exerted by mayors and representatives to recover the benefits they lost when the Supreme Court of Justice took them away, in a ruling that declared the illegality of collecting double salary thanks to paid leave or double appointment in the State, borders on despair . They want to trample on sentences that are mandatory with the complicity of deputies who, with legislative initiatives, intend to give them back what they should no longer be claiming.

If they do not like the salary that they now receive from the State, they can well go to the private sector to look for work or start their own businesses, something in which they have proven to be very good, because from their positions they leave inexplicably endowed with money, real estate, etc. ., claiming, precisely, that they are businessmen. Why does the Assembly continue to receive them behind closed doors? Why do the deputies want to go over failures? Why is it necessary to allocate money from works to pay more and more payroll? The deputies –without a doubt– are their new accomplices, giving in to lobbying, presenting legislative initiatives to recover illegitimate privileges and lend themselves to play games. – LA PRENSA Sep. 24.

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