Masters of theft and cynicism

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The Government of Laurentino Cortizo has paid and will continue to pay companies of dubious reputation, in light of the mediocre quality of the works they deliver to the State. Nobody in this government seems worried about the high and crazy costs of these projects, much less that a work is received complying with first-class technical and material standards, which is what it is paid for. The director of Pandeportes should have been fired for the terrible management in the change of the grass of Rommel Fernández. There is no doubt that this project is a complete scam of the State. A disgusting fortune was paid and we received a work that is not cheap. But the question we must ask ourselves is not whether the state pays for quality. What we must ask ourselves is who is behind –which scavenger– of these entrepreneurs, hired not because they are luminaries in what they supposedly do, but because their dazzling brilliance comes from their shamelessness to be the facade that serves to plunder the National Treasury and deliver the proceeds of the scam to their hidden partners. It is a pity that there is no authority that can against the new masters of theft and cynicism. – LA PRENSA, Sep.10.

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