MARTINELLI’S  ‘Useful Fools’

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He is a person who calls himself respectful of the law; that unofficially becomes the defender of the national treasury and the largest generator of jobs in the country; that nobody can accuse of anything, because it automatically begins to cackle an alleged political persecution against him. 

But it turns out that when he was president —of the country and of Cambio Democrático—, that political group did not pay the employer's quota of its workers, to the Social Security Fund (CSS). Everything happened between January 2010 and October 2015, although now the responsibility (but not the fault) is borne by the current board of directors of CD, where Martinelli is no longer even a member. The CSS has sanctioned CD for events that occurred when its legal representative was Martinelli and now the party must pay almost half a million dollars. That's how important to the former president are the people who work for him. This sanction reveals the hypocrisy of this subject, who obviously cares very little about his environment, except for those individuals who could serve as stepping stones to climb and achieve his goals. Beyond that, they are only useful fools to him.  - LA PRENSA, Aug. 1

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