Main actors in State robbery case brought to heel

1,127Views 0Comments Posted 09/11/2022


Finally, the Judicial Branch gives way to the prosecution of those allegedly responsible for money laundering in the Odebrecht case. It was a path full of obstacles, in which there has been everything to hide the truth. Years have passed since an investigation began in Brazil involving the main construction companies in that country, including Odebrecht. The justified suspicions of corruption in Panama have been revealed by the company itself, which has pointed out to local officials that they received multimillion-dollar bribes for works and "favors." Among the defendants are figureheads and those who directly received bribes. Some of these names are repeated in processes outside the country; damned even. It's not a near-perfect process, but at least it picks up the main actors in the drama: those who received or helped hide millions of dollars, diverted from state works that ended up in the pockets of a few and political campaigns, according to Odebrecht. Now we have to wait for the outcome of this trial, scheduled for a distant and uncertain date that will allow a lot of water to run under the bridge and that makes us wonder about the legitimacy of the process. – LA PRENSA, Nov.11.