Incompetence wherever you look

2,279Views 3Comments Posted 09/01/2022

The Panamanian State has legal instruments to collect from Odebrecht the money that it promised to pay in fines, after recognizing the payment of bribes to officials of previous governments. They are $ 220 million, of which it has paid a part, but never honored the commitments corresponding to 2019, 2020, and 2021. Odebrecht has investments in Panama and unfinished state works, the payments of which can serve to amortize its debt, but the diligence of the officials to assert our rights as victims is more than reprehensible. It is the same negligence that other government actors are proud of, such as the comptroller, who not only folds his arms while the mayors continue to abuse their position, increasing their income to $10,000 or more but has justified them, opening the doors wide for these cheeks to steal by the handful while he goes to the Assembly to scrub us that he does not intend to do anything. In other words, the assault is justified if other scoundrels approve. As things are going, Panamanians could not only do without the deputies but also the comptroller. Incompetence wherever you look. – LA PRENSA, Jan. 9.