In search of creativity and initiative

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It is at times like this - when the country begins to recover from the pandemic - that creative officials with initiative who believe in what they do are needed, but unfortunately, it is inertia that acts as the wheels of progress in Panama.

Tourism is one of the biggest victims of the pandemic and of the measures to mitigate it. But the recovery is inversely proportional to the speed with which the restrictive measures were taken. The numbers are disappointing when compared to other countries, which have quickly risen to their feet. And it is unfortunate, because our advantages, comparatively, are better than in other countries: a population vaccinated almost 80%; visitors have the same benefits as locals in terms of vaccination; a competitive hotel offer in prices and availability; good connectivity; a dollarized economy, and tourist attractions, shopping, proximity, and ease for Latin Americans. And the tourists are there, ready to get out of the confinement. So, with all this, how come it doesn't start with momentum? It seems that we are anchored to laziness, because the Government should do more than contemplate how inertia is the one that takes the initiatives.- LA PRENSA, Dec. 5.

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