“Ethical Pact”  - Dead on Arrival

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The Electoral Tribunal is carrying out a campaign for the subscription of the so-called Digital Ethical Pact. What does this compromise look for? It tries to avoid dirty campaigns, insults, defamation, attacks on private life, the promotion of violence and other manifestations of intolerance. Also restrict the use of call centers, misinformation, or propaganda against candidates for popularly elected positions or against political parties. The pact also encourages the proper use of social networks and urges monitoring the application of artificial intelligence to create "synthetic" images, as well as the appearance of false news that could endanger the electoral process and even the peace of the country.  The need to sign this pact is great, but its compliance is greater. No one can deny that most of the things that are intended to be avoided are done every day, while those that are to be promoted find little or no echo. This campaign has already shown its teeth: it promises to be dirty in many ways, especially on social media. The Electoral Tribunal will have to be vigilant and absolutely intolerant of violations of the pact, whether or not it is signed by whoever violates it or mocks it. – LA PRENSA, Jun. 4.


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