Electoral reform - pants made to measure

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 There is no doubt that being a deputy in Panama is reaching something like Olympus. It is equivalent to filling yourself with privileges to see yourself above the common citizen.

 The deputies are never happy with what they have and now, in the discussion of the reforms to the Electoral Code, have decided to maintain the electoral criminal jurisdiction, a figure whose proposal was to be eliminated. However, the "stars" of our democracy have decided that such a shield of impunity must continue, so that candidates and directors of political parties will once again be untouchable by law throughout the electoral campaign. Why resort to that figure if there is nothing to fear? It is that, as we all know, many of our politicians are criminals who find refuge in these figures to evade justice. And what better way than to legalize a flight in fact, allowing undesirable subjects to be part of the government gear. His reforms only seek to take care of their backs, legalizing impunity. His criminal attitude harms democracy and, consequently, the entire country. Thus, these - his reforms - lack legitimacy, as they are nothing more than a pair of pants made to measure. How long are we going to hold on? –

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George Klk

Panama: Impunity for 71 Deputies, Family Excluded Warrants Secrecy. This secrecy explains why the Panama National Assembly will not budge on a constitutional vote reform for democracy and equitable citizen rights. The idea of paying back $100's millions is another factor for non-reforms of any kind. At this point it is all about getting 71 free vehicles and moving forward with wealth and power. Wealth and power guarantees security against nuisance peaceful annoying protesters. Usually, it works when the police come in with all kinds of persuasion crowd control tactics. Then, blame it on riots and conspiracy theories. Panama president Cortizo has been with the Panama National Assembly for 10 years before becoming president and he is not about to... Rock the Boat... creating massive sea storms. Cortizo will just work with the underground prosperity of his business with Yanibel Abrego and count his excessive executive pay for the remainder of his years in office. Wealth in Panama is the easiest thing to do, there is always someone there to help with the president's goal of establishing his dream of marketing competitiveness. All that ignorance and doubt with low self-esteem just suddenly disappears for the president. President can now function because he now knows all his headaches and worries are out of the way. Panama still has a few $100 millions to work with and there is no mass starvation and exodus. United States has not interfered with Panama's domestic problems so no worries there. The U.S. is a good alley just providing any money accommodations such as the World Bank to make the economy looks good, hey they said there is 9% growth... just perfect, everything is all right! Only major real problem is that devil ridden pesky pregnant 15-year old's causing economic problems and they need to see an exorcist to take out their daemons! Panama is truly a paradise for the government elites, you can make money selling shit and still become a multi - $millionaire in the government with respect and with the police force of course. They have tear gas cannisters and heavy wooden batons and guns and security cameras and plenty of protein shakes to ensure the wealth of underground elite's operations with plenty of fireworks celebrations at their home residence with manmade lake underground excavation sites selling dirt. Isn't it [Beautiful]? Panama citizens does that and it jail time and possibly a disappearance!

1 month ago
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