CORONAVIRUS Titanic effort needs citizen honesty

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The preventive work carried out by health officials to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease is, without a doubt, titanic. This great effort aims to locate all people who have had direct and indirect contact with patients diagnosed with the disease, in order to subject them to epidemiological surveillance, while seeking to provide medical attention as soon as possible to those who are positive in the evidence of the new coronavirus.

Far from being afraid of revealing the symptoms of the disease or having been in contact with a patient or with a suspect of having the virus, what we should do is be honest and offer all the details that these officials ask us, and this includes the people who have not been cited by health researchers. Identifying these cases is the key to immobilizing the contagion and saving lives.

That is why we must facilitate the work of health officials, because, while they seek to contain the spread of the virus, we and our families can save lives, including our own lives. All together we can beat this virus. -LA PRENSA, Mar 19.

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“Titanic”?!? Do you understand that the Titanic was terminated by an iceberg, taking thousands to their death in the Atlantic? Perhaps you meant “heroic”? Whatever you meant, I wish you luck.

Last year
Oh ya

Good luck with that. You cant get them to stop throwing beer cans out the car window nevermind stopping from going to work to feed the family. But soldier on and do your best with this dream

Last year
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