CORONAVIRUS: Protecting each other

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How long will the coronavirus crisis last in Panama? That depends on multiple factors, but above all on the citizen's willingness to comply with the basic measures of personal hygiene, constant hand washing for 20 seconds and avoid close contact with people who may have the disease.

 We must prevent the contagion from continuing with more Panamanians end up in hospitals to receive critical care. We, citizens of this country, can shorten this crisis with our civic values ​​and responsibility. The Ministry of Health cannot put a doctor or nurse in every home.

 The successes that other countries have had in neutralizing the Covid-19 have originated in the commitment of their citizens. Being clean and supportive of our neighbors, family and compatriots is a small sacrifice in exchange for saving lives. Panamanians, with their  actions and omissions  will decide if the coronavirus remains a threat for the next few weeks or for long months.

 Our bad behavior and non-compliance with sanitary measures risk everyone's life. The economy is suffering a lot and it is very likely that tens of thousands of Panamanians are vulnerable in their economic well-being. The State has an obligation to act to mitigate these effects. Citizens have an obligation to protect each other.  LA PRENSA, Mar. 18

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George Klk

Panama | Basic Theory To Slow Down Covid 19...Cold!!! AN AMATEUR ASSESSMENT OF BASIC THEORY APPROACH: Basic theory was based on cosmological concepts, I derived on the origin of the universe. Since then my theories has shown very strong indications from a scientific perspective on multiple scales. Everything from the Big Bang to re-heating from computer based models. I will cover this in some details with my comments posted on some of these articles and from my Facebook comments with chronological dates. To get to the point to slow down the... Coronavirus global economic killing scourge, I will identify a very important ingredient as part of the building block of the universe in reference to... Links below:…/2018-01-scientists-thousands-pr……/2020-03-high-iron-lung-linked-a…… I once commented with a theory of iron particles in the earth atmosphere as part of the evolutionary process among many other theories as mentioned above. How does all this theory comply with the Coronavirus? Does all this theory have implications for application purposes? Basic premise: 1. Coronavirus and the human body needs...iron. 2. Iron primarily serves the purpose of human body electron flow functions to the... brain, lungs, other organs, etc. 3. Iron in the human body is derived from consumption of meat and other foods. The Coronavirus and Iron: 1. The human body primarily needs iron in the red cells to obtain oxygen and energy. 2. The human body bone marrow produces red blood cells. 3. The human body can obtain energy from other sources of foods besides...iron. Basic theory premise to slow down the...Coronavirus. How to slow down the Coronavirus without depleting the human body of Oxygen and the energy it needs? [I am not a medical expert in the science of biology and disease]. Science uses a standard procedure to kill cancer cells with Chemotherapy, a mustard gas used for war in the early history of nations. Chemotherapy is used among patients with cancers and weakens the body's immune system, including children. Why not temporarily deprive the human body of iron with medical procedures to supply oxygen and alternative energy sources of foods. Can it be possible that the medical establishment can provide the necessary medical supplements to halt the iron use in the human body with an alternative before the patient is drawn to a worse condition of deterioration? I suspect it is possible in the cases with the Coronavirus, Cancers and other diseases.

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