Attempting to intimidate a judge

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As the preliminary hearing in the Odebrecht case comes to an end, before the judge makes a decision on whether or not to call the defendants to trial, there is an issue that must be highlighted. Regardless of what happened in the courtroom, a cunning attack was carried out on social networks against the person who presided over the act, with the evident intention of intimidating her.

 And one cannot help but wonder if these attacks are justified coming from people who claim to be innocent of all the accusations. What is the intention of attacking the judge, if the accusations are false?

 If they're looking for a not guilty plea, why undermine the judge's credibility? It is obvious that those who want to discredit the judge, denigrate her, insult her, defame her, hurt her and intimidate her, have a lot to hide. But, since what they seek is to hide the truth instead of revealing it, this attack is precisely what the guilty manual dictates.

What they did not count on is that in this hearing facts have come to light that have scandalized many people. And the judge behaved impartially, offering all the guarantees to the accused. We are sure that she will act in law when deciding on the trial – LA PRENSA, Sep. 22.

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