Another project trashed

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Another project that ends up in the trash: the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) has decided not to continue with the construction of the so-called beach corridor, a highway project that was awarded in the last administration. Each government comes with its own priorities and with its list of friends under its arm. They look at the works in execution or to be tendered; They remove, put, add, and voila: they accommodate the friends and the party begins. They don't learn a bit. When will the Panamanian State decide what its priorities are? When will our rulers behave like statesmen instead of opportunists? When will they act as good parents in the use of our taxes? The highway project in question, according to the MOP, is unviable; the costs of the work were miscalculated. It took them two years to calculate these cost overruns, while tens of thousands of drivers and passengers suffer the inconveniences of a work that will be stopped who knows for how long. The indolence and ineptitude of our politicians is intolerable. All Panamanians pay for their notorious lack of common sense. -  LA PRENSA, May 8.


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A project I believe to be in a similar state of limbo, is the health clinic in Alto Boquete, It's on a nice big piece of property, fronted on the highway. The building structure is roofed and appears complete, altho there is no finish work on the access at the front, the outside of the building itself, or from what can be seen, the inside. At the very least, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent of the land and the shell of a clinic, only to walk away and abandon the entire project years ago. It is now in the process of decay, while the existing clinic is dysfunctionally over crowded and completely inadequate. It is criminal that no public official has ever been held accountable for this blatant misuse of public funds.

1 month ago
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