Adjusting the truth in a public trial

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The trial that is currently being held for the illegal wiretapping case is followed by the population, not because of the facts and statements that are given during the hearings, but through the versions of the parties, so there remains a doubt about what really happens in those four walls that isolate from public attention an issue that is precisely public, such as the use of state resources and personnel for political and petty purposes.

The trial tries to prove who ordered and profited from the illegal espionage. That is why the judges must allow this trial to be observed by anyone who wants it, through direct transmission, as was done in the hearings that were held in the Supreme Court (when that body had jurisdiction) or as it is occasionally done exclusively for journalists accommodated in a press room, set up next to the court. The trial evidence that required confidentiality has already been evacuated, so there is no reason for us to continue listening only to the opinions of the parties, but rather that we can all conclude what is really happening, without intermediaries to lie or narrate what that suits them.

The advanced trial should already be public so that we can all draw a conclusion about what is really happening, without intermediaries who lie or narrate what is convenient for them. This trial, advanced as it goes, should already be public. so that we can all draw a conclusion about what is really happening, without intermediaries who lie or narrate what is convenient for them. The trial,  as it moves forward should already be public – LA PRENSA, Oct. 2.


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George Klk

Panama: Former Panama President Martinelli Strategies Working. Facts: 1. Martinelli, a business tycoon needed... CASH AND INFORMATION. 2. Martinelli, needed a key contact man... Chichi De Obarrio. 3. Chichi De Obarrio supplied Martinelli the Cash needed for gathering the information. 4. Martinelli used the... CASH / PAN... to purchase a $14 million Israel Pegasus spy equipment. 5. Martinelli used Pegasus to spy on his political adversaries... Judges, Lawyers, Journalist, Businesses. What does this mean? Facts: 1. Martinelli used the Panama State funds to obtain illegal information. 2. Martinelli used State funds to leave for the United States and hide his money through... purchase of a Florida, USA mansion and yacht and banking secret accounts. 3. Martinelli now has money laundered... CASH... and ready for use against his legal adversaries. 4. Martinelli now needs to get re-elected and will use his new found money for a new political party. 5. Martinelli political party provides Impunity against any further legal prosecutions while in power. 6. Martinelli has not been indicted. 7. Chichi De Obarrio has not appeared in a Panama court for the Pegasus link with Martinelli. Martinelli re-election will seal his dictatorship. Facts: 1. Martinelli will attack his adversaries with defamation lawsuits and over turn cases against him. 2. Martinelli will enter more banks, state the... BOSS... and obtain untold sums of money. 3. Martinelli will invite more Mafia leaders from Italy and run... ALL... the financial and economy of Panama. 4. Martinelli will make threats against the U.S.A. to bargain the release of his alleged criminal sons. At this point... Martinelli will have to lie about the circumstances involving the case of his sons. The United States will sanction Panama and China / Russia will fill the void for Panama. Martinelli will go to extremes to become a powerful dictator to assure impunity and... self - enrichment wealth for himself and his underground front men operatives. The facts of the former Panama president Martinelli and presidents after him without the slightest concern for these alleged criminal actions with excessive state spending with the complicities of the Panama National Assembly indicate a strong underground... Mafia forthcoming control in the very near future for... Panama. This is basic history of the crimes that led to the Venezuela dictatorship with only the reliance on oil and now China and Russia are only too happy to make a deal with the Venezuela dictator... Maduro! Maduro... a former - BUS DRIVER - slaughtered 9,000 protesters! When will Panama finally get the picture and understand the corruption and gang killings?

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George klk

Panama: Ridiculously Deliberately Flawed Legal Case! Hint: Chichi De Obarrio, where is he as part of this critical testimonial evidence? Chichi De Obarrio will now be off the hook without incriminating evidence against, Martinelli. Chichi De Obario is... CRUCIAL... to the purchase of the Pegasus spy equipment, but conveniently he is swept under the rug and both side of the trial know this! Chich De Obarrio was located and never even considered for extradition to Panama for the [whole] case trial on the critical Pegasus link to Martinelli. Obviously, the court of this trial believes Panamanians has a very forget memory... [THINK AGAIN]!!! Do your tax payer's job (Court) and bring in that sly dog - Martinelli side kick, Chichi De Obarrio!!! What a ridiculous incompetent bunch of louses in the Panama court system! Liars and hypocrites in support of Martinelli's underground system for his... VICTORY! Bad enough there is no true badly needed Constitution reform and rigged elections in the future. The world is watching and the corruption from the government is getting sicker and sicker with the Truth that does not and will... NEVER... GO AWAY! Panama court magistrates... stop the insults against Panamanians, we are not... STUPID!!!

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