A nutritional biscuit boondoggle

1,163Views 0Comments Posted 05/09/2022


A simple tender to buy and distribute a nutritional biscuit and cream, which will be delivered months late to some 400,000 students, is the height of the incompetence that reigns in the Government. It is assumed that this initiative seeks to ensure that students have adequate nutrition, which allows them to assimilate the knowledge they receive in the classroom. 

But we're less than four months from the end of the school year for them to start handing out what they should have been doing since school started last March. It is the same drama of maintenance and adaptation of educational centers every year, and the same is with the appointments of teachers. And let's not even talk about the Jurassic education our students receive. It is a shame this basic lack of vision and planning. Improvisation continues to dominate a ministry that should be an example for teachers, students, and the country. 

But what we see is that nutritional cookies and cream are not only food supplements, but also attractive spoils, never mind that hundreds of thousands of students are harmed by incompetence. We remain determined to remain the worst. - LA PRENSA, Sep. 5.


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