Woman 23, charged  in shelter sex-crime probe

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 A 23 -year-old woman, arrested in Coclé is in preventive detention charged with crimes against sexual freedom and integrity, in the form of libidinous acts, and corruption of a minor, at a children's shelter in Panama City, reports the Public Ministry (MP).

At the Thursday hearing, the MP was represented by the circuit prosecutor, Yaritza Sánchez, who requested the guarantee judge, Adrián Hernández, the legalization of the arrest, the imputation of charges and the precautionary measure of provisional detention

The Judicial Branch reported that this is related to events that occurred between March 10 to September 20, 2020, in a family home located in the Sex Crimes Section of the MP has six months to conclude the investigation of this case in which there are three other women and two men arrested, accused of child abuse and embezzlement.

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Brian, you watch some strange shit. No wonder your head is fucked up.

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