Wedding party flouting lockdown rules could face $100,000 fine.

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A newly married couple who flouted  Panama.s  quarantine rules with a full-scale wedding celebration on Sunday, March 29, could face as much as a $100,000 fine

The Ministry of Health (Minsa)  is investigating the celebration at the PH Manhattan Sky on Ave Winston Churchill  Paitilla, on Sunday, March 29.

 “I want to make it very clear that the Minsa only gives permits to have the possibility of companies working when they have to do with health issues and with the cycle of supplies of medicines and food. Therefore, we have not authorized the realization of any wedding held in recent days in the Paitilla sector," said  Minister Rosario Turner at the daily  press conference   on Wednesday

The investigation was initially undertaken by the Metropolitan Health Region, and the file will now be transferred to the General Directorate of Public Health. Preliminary information we obtain is that they accept having failed the Ministry's health provisions  ”, Turner remarked.

" We have contacted the people related to this situation which has somehow violated the total quarantine,

The party was held in the social area of ​​the Manhattan Sky, and local residents surprised when there were fireworks that night. In the videos circulating on social networks, the bride and groom can be seen dancing with a plurality of guests, some wearing masks and disposable gloves. Musicians, waiters and photographers were among those packing the social area.

A maximum of five people is allowed at weddings and funerals. Recently police obliged the sixth guest to leave a wedding in Casco Viejo

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Fine or no fine for the safety of everyone the investigators must obtain the list of guess and workers in case the spread of the virus appears, this is no game, someone will show up with symptoms, who knows how many people might be affected. The workers only have public health while others can afford private clinics

1 month ago
Alfredo Suescum


Last month

I expect they can afford the fine, and as far as they are concerned, it's worth the money!

Last month

Give it a break CatHair, your comments do not help anyone in an already bad situation.

Last month
Oh ya

Good a big fine also for anyone who was there .

Last month

the govt. must profit off of this somehow to keep funding the police state commie lockdown

Last month
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