Want a New Career - The Panama Canal Will Need Employees

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Are you looking for a job or a career?  Susana Mendoza, manager of Human Capital Management at the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), warned of “the need to prepare the workforce for the future demands” of the waterway. “From now until 2030 we will have 2,144 permanent employees who will retire.” This figure will be segmented over the course of the next six years, she said.  This means that there is room to hire new employees and expand the database that the ACP already has to replace workers who leave.  According to the Panama Canal job portal, to be considered for future opportunities at the ACP, certain steps must be rigorously followed.  The first thing is to create an account on the job portal with updated information. In this way you can have the opportunity to apply for one of the jobs.


Once the account is created, you must select “Guide for the applicant”, check the most hired positions and fill out a form that will be sent to an email.  It is important to mention that there are two types of records in the employment portal, “ occupations for future opportunities” and “occupations that we are currently looking for.”  In the event that an occupation requires it, online tests must be taken. These exams are designed according to the profile of the position being requested.  Once registered, the information will be saved in the ACP database. If a vacancy arises or the requirements are met in the occupations that require personnel at that time, the applicant will be contacted for a final evaluation, which is intended to test skill.  Likewise, the portal provides a free exam syllabus for occupations that require it.


The acceptance of applications from foreign citizens is restricted to positions that are difficult to recruit, in accordance with the provisions of Article 86 of the Organic Law of the ACP.  In the fiscal year of 2023, 1,597 hires were registered in the ACP, but the vast majority was temporary positions.  Some 1,435 were for a defined period, while another 162 were indefinite contracts.  During that period, the most hired positions were deck cable management (295 hired), deck cable management in training (200 hired) and cable management (150 hired).  The ACP is currently looking for lawyers, claims investigation assistant, boat fitter, electrician and electromechanical.


In the first half of fiscal year 2024 there are 672 hires and 612 are temporary appointments.  Interested parties can apply for up to a maximum of three occupations related to their experience and education.  As for people who meet the requirements to participate in the Professional Development Program (PDP), they may select a maximum of five occupations (three general occupations and two Professional Development Programs (PDP).  When you complete the application, the system will display the grade or level (for example, MG-10/NM-09) for which you meet the basic qualification requirements.  While for those occupations where the level or grade is not reflected, it will be determined when the need arises to fill a vacancy and its data are evaluated.  The validity period of your application is one year from the date when you selected the occupation or updated the information related to it. At least once a year, you must log in and update your details.  The ACP handles practical information as part of its instructions. They include basic information such as what to do if you forget your password, the steps to change your email address or how to register your university studies. https://empleos.micanaldepanama.com/preguntas-frecuentes/