Veraguas sanitary fence rightened as virus cases mount

Distributing information and masks in Santiago

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The Ministry of Health has strengthened the sanitary fence around Veraguas to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The Divisa checkpoint has been reinforced  and another installed in Caliber and public education campaigns have been stepped up.

The vice-minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, said the control posts will limit the number of people from other provinces entering  Veraguas where   he said “Most of the cases are community-based.”.

Veraguas is currently the third province in the country with the most cases of Covid-19 with 781 cases, second only to Panama and West Panama. It is home to  Santiago  the community  with the highest Rt (infections per person transmission rate) at  3.27. The national average is 1.28. The virus is deemed too be under control when the Rt falls below 1.

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