Varela awaiting court attitude changes

547Views 2Comments Posted 02/09/2017

PANAMA president, Juan Carlos Varela, is expecting  "reactions and changes in attitude "by the authorities of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ)  after announcing  "very delicate situations" in this organ of the State.

Varela revealed last Thursday at a public event that he spoke with the President of the Court, José Ayú Prado, to

inform him of alleged irregularities in the judicial body. "I've been talking about judicial issues for two days in a row, so I will wait to see reactions and see changes in attitude," Varela said Friday, September 1  when questioned by journalists during aa Institutional Protection Service graduation ceremony.

Varela made the caveat that the alleged irregularities are not related to what happened this week but are situations that have been developing for several weeks.

"Justice ceases to be justice when it affects the innocent ... and the innocent here are the Panamanian people who have nothing to do with the diversion of billions,"he said.