US donates $8.5 million patrol boat to Panama

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The United States Government has donated to Panama a new coastal surveillance vessel valued at $8.5 million.  TheGeneral Omar Torrijos will allow the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) "to have a greater patrol capacity for the security and defense of our territory, the Panama Canal and protect our natural resources."

In a ceremony on the Amador Causeway, the chief of mission of the United States Embassy in Panama, Stewart Tuttle, delivered the vessel to President Laurentino Cortizo. It was built in a shipyard in Louisiana.

The vessel, 85 feet long and 25 feet wide, has a capacity for 10 crew members. It joins the team of the Joint Maritime Task Force to continue the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking, in addition to executing search and rescue operations, providing humanitarian aid, collaborating in social development tasks, and maintaining the safety of our seas.

The donation also includes spare parts for the maintenance of the fleet of interceptor boats of the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN) and the Joint Maritime Force of Panama, for a value of $ 533,645; and maintenance equipment for SENAN, valued at $95,000, which is part of the US commitment to support SENAN with $4 million for maintenance. The “General Omar Torrijos” can carry out operations at sea for 6 to 10 continuous days.

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Oh ya

Yup and soon we see it at dock side ruined by something as simple as not checking oil. Do you see many of those Ford Fusions any more. Ford gave them hundreds of them just a few short years, ago. Nice cars compared to those old Nissan B13 they had and they destroyed them. Well enjoy it until you destroy it

1 month ago

Hopefully a better experience than the Italian donation a few years ago.

1 month ago
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