US-bound migrant crisis in Darien

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The flow of  Haitian, African and Cuban migrants bound for  the United  States is causing a crisis in the provision of public services in the Bajo Chiquito community in Darien.

Officials of the Ombudsman's Office, who carried out an inspection of the shelters where the migrants are, reported that many children and pregnant women who require medical attention have arrived in that town presenting signs of malnutrition, and adults who also require medical attention. health care.

They specified that families made up of up to five members, including children, spend up to 10 days in the jungle without food and in danger of being attacked by criminal gangs.

Some of them first arrived in countries such as Chile, Ecuador, and Brazil, and then continued their route to Panama, showing signs of exhaustion and stress.

Between Friday and Sunday, some 700 migrants from Colombia arrived, through jungle trails, to Bajo Chiquito.

Migrants have reported that on the Colombian side there are still a large number of people with the intention of making the journey through the jungle to reach Panama and then continue on their way to the United States.

According to reports from the National Border Service (Senafront), there are currently some 2,000 migrants who — in addition to providing shelter — have had to be provided with basic services.

Senafront reported that these migrants do not want to stay in the country, but that in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic it is necessary to establish biosafety protocols so that they can continue on their way.

The Senafront has reinforced its presence in the Bajo Chiquito region with the deployment of 80 additional agents to monitor the entry of migrants.

Reports from the Ministry of Security indicate that, from January to date, as a result of the opening of the borders, more than 7,000 migrants have arrived in the country, of which 3,400 are still in the country with the intention of continuing their transit to Central America.

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Xenophobic bullshit. Let's just shootem' all!!! Where do you idiots get these ideas. The US tried to be an isolationist country before WW2. Most of you morons weren't even born then, so no wonder you think it works.

1 month ago

You are witnessing the decline and fall of the USA in real time. Biden called for this surge and now it's arriving. Americans need to be buying up more ammunition even at these high prices because when the brown shirts vome with their armies of "woke" and illegals you will need firepower to stop them.

1 month ago

There were migrants coming through Panamá years before Biden became president. Was Trump to blame for the migranta coming to Panamá for the last four years?

1 month ago

Sorry, gentlemen. Migration is a basic human right. Shooting so-called "illegals" or blaming Democrats are not helpful or humane solutions

1 month ago
Oh ya

Panama needs to stop them from coming in, not helping them once they get in. Panama has enough citizens that could use help before money is spent on these new Democrat voters. Border patrol has guns? use them on the invading illegals

1 month ago

This crap show brought to you by the criminal US President Biden and other corrupt, leftist US politicians. Panama gets to pay for it.

1 month ago
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