Uber cash option distorts service Varela

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Uber cash option distorts service –Varela

PRESIDENT Juan Carlos Varela has come down on the side of social media and taxi owning critics of the move by Uber to allow passengers to pay cash for the service.

Varela considered it a 'mistake' because it distorts the system for which it was created. "Supposedly, is  is a service offered through an application to people with credit cards,  "said the president.

According to the president, with cash payment , Uber competes directly with taxis.

In previous statements, Varela had been in favor of the system and considered that did not compete with the local selective transport service, reports La Prensa..

Since Friday, Uber users   in Panama and Bogota can pay cash, a measure that has already been implemented in 60 countries where the platform connects users and drivers through a computer app

Also in Bogota, Colombia, Uber users can pay cash from Friday.

The company, in  a statement, said it remains open to dialogue with the authorities to achieve an innovative regulation that allows the existence of collaborative platforms in an appropriate legal framework for the benefit of Panamanians.

"Our main goal is to provide the opportunity for all citizens to mobilize safely and reliably, without distinction," reads the document. Uber said the move to cash is because many users do not have access to a credit card or debit card and want to have other payment options.

Meanwhile taxi drivers consider the move illegal and continue  selectively blocking thoroughfare’s in protest.