Two more arrests in charity lottery scandal

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Prosecutors are appealing the decision of the guarantee judge, Yanina Mosquera who denied a request for provisional arrest, of two defendants linked to the lottery scandal. 

They were ordered to report twice a week and prohibited from approaching any of the offices of the National Charity Lottery, prohibited from leaving the country and of communication with those linked to the case. With these two people, there are already six defendants.


In her support for the precautionary measures, the Superior Prosecutor Itzel Koo indicated that provisional detention should be imposed, since "we are facing a serious crime of a social service institution", and danger of damaging evidence.

The appeal hearing for will be on December 1.

According to the investigation of the Public Ministry, which began on March 17, through an anonymous complaint, these people, in coordination with senior officials of the National Charity Lottery, exchanged tickets that were returned to this institution before the corresponding draws were played.

In this way they seized the money corresponding to the exchange of these tickets that were favored in the first, second, and even third prize.

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